Knight Shadow, I returned to chat, but you seem to have decided you’d rather not talk.  (I got that impression because you blocked my comments).  But I do wish to respond, and clearly have the freedom to do so on my own blog. (I will make this my last attempt and if you don’t care to continue our chat, unlike you, I will bow out gracefully, atleast for now). 


I am the original anonymous. My anonymity was simply because you don’t know me. I have never been a member of your congregation.  We did meet once, when I attempted to have a face to face conversation with you, asking a question about something you taught.  You didn’t care then who I was, not even enough to make eye contact with me, and your answer to my question was so vague I walked away wondering if there was really an answer at all.


So based on my experience, while you say you are open to discussion, the truth is you don’t want to talk to me unless I agree with you.  I am keenly aware of a pattern among members and elders in your congregation, who seem to exit or be asked to leave when their questions become to hard to answer and they keep pressing for that answer rather than walking away like I did.


I am all too familiar with your communication style.  Whenever two statements of yours conflict you simply respond by saying ‘someone misunderstood’.  (You poor soul, so often misunderstood.) 


The ‘other side of the story’ is always wrong, and you find your self never at fault.


What are the odds that you are never wrong?  (Perhaps you should try that out in Vegas!)


This tactic of yours is nearly impenetrable. But there are some who are wise to your ways, some from the outside, some from the inside, some who have been turned inside out.  Praise God they are free from deception and confusion!


There is a way to have a conversation and prevent the confusion and you are already familiar with it, it is called the written word.  The beauty of having a conversation in writing, is that your words are your words, not to be twisted or changed later.  And the beauty of the world wide web, is that the discussion takes place with witnesses. (in keeping with Matt 18.)


The heart of a pastor would certainly want the flock to be safe, to feel safe.


So if this forum offers a safe way for questions to be asked and answered, and you are willing, then let me know.  Contrary to your assumption, my goal has not been to cast accusations, my goal has been and remains The Truth.  Questions asked, questions answered, truth revealed.


Whether or not you are willing to work toward that goal, remains to be seen…