I am an addict, and my drug of choice is caffiene. 

 Now you may say to yourself  ‘that isn’t a drug’.  But I woud ask you to evaluate recent scientific studies (if there are any) and then reconsider.

Caffiene is perhaps one of the most highly addictive substances, it is most likely the cheapest drug, it is readily available in many forms and you can purchase this drug almost anywhere, at any time, at any age.

 Caffiene is perhaps found in its most pure and potenent form  in coffee. Although many substances are full of it, forinstance, sodas (or pop, depending on what side of the country you are from), tea, and don’t forget energy drinks(a quick fix, but a limited high, and rather on the pricey side).

After a recent bout with the nine month stomach flu, during which  I was freed from my addiction because I was unable to embibe without serious side effects (of which I am too kind to describe in any detail); I considered maintaining my ‘on the wagon’ status.

 And so began my search for Caffaholics Anonymus.  One cannot be expected to abstain from such a serious addiction without support. 

I searched day and night, near and far. I readily found sects of NA, CA, ofcourse AA.  And please know that I have a great respect for these programs, many many people in my social circle (perhpas even my bloodline) have benefited or could benefit greatly from such programs.

But to my dismay, there is not a single group that meets with the intention of supporting one another as we attempt to abstain from this life changing, personality afflicting, physically stimulating, mind altering, energy increasing (we hope) drug.

So knowing full well,  I would be unable to endure alone,  and not wanting to fail, I resolved to remain an addict, stopped for a cup of coffee and called it a day!