We have enjoyed gardening for many years now.  Puzzler is the one who especially enjoys working by my side.  Choosing what to plant, where to plant, even weeding, and ofcourse harvesting.

This past winter we moved to a little house in the big woods, and our gardening options are a bit more limited.  After some reading we determined a container garden would work nicely for us!  (I am hoping this cuts down on the weeding!) So we went to the nursery and carefully chose seeds and starter plants.  Some fruit bearing, some for fun!

We purchased one in particular that is a vine. It was supported in the container by a small plastic trellis which it had already out grown.  But rather than purchase a trellis, we determined that we could use fallen branches from the big woods to support the vine.

Upon transfering the vine to it’s new pot on the porch, we now had the task of disengaging the vine from the green trellis and transfering it to the beautiful twisted juniper branches we had carefully selected for its new support system. This process and the end result gave me a beautiful picture of the Lord as the vine and we as the branches.

I noticed that each of the branches held so tightly to the trellis. Sometimes wrapped 3,4 even 5 times around in one little spot, and then reaching for the next level on the trellis, and clinging just as tightly to that spot.  I had to work  slowly and  gingerly so as not to break the branch.

 It was then that I saw the trellis as my old life, before life with Christ.  I held on so tightly to things of little or no significance.  And the Lord has had to work slowly, tenderly and purposefully to show me how to surrender those things to Him. 

If I had broken a branch, it would have been shorter, and yet likely continued to grow, but I wanted every inch of that growth.  As does the Lord.  He wants us just as we are to come to Him, and He can use all the life growth that happened before we surrendered.

I also noticed the tendency of the branches to follow one another.  And to hang on together.  They would intertwine themselves around the trellis clinging as tightly to one another as to the plastic.  What a task to decipher how they had tangled themselves up and how to untangle them without breaking one.

We walk through this life with an impact.  Whether we are purposeful or not.  Other branches will be following us.  There were those who followed me in my old ways, and those who follow me as I walk with the Lord.  My Fruit Loops(children) follow my lead everyday.  What am I teaching them to cling to?  How am I teaching them to hold on?  Do they know the source of it all?

Our vine on the porch has its first bloom,  the vine is sustaining the branch, the branch is supporting the bloom, and the juniper is allowing it all to be displayed beautifully. 

We need the Lord, we need one another, and we need the ups and downs of life for God to display it all for His glory!