Perhaps I have not mastered laying my burdens down at His throne, and not picking them up again.

Perhaps the Lord allowed me to lay them down, to be evaluated, but is now asking me to take the next step.

The Lord does not give us more than we can handle, and yet what exactly is He asking me to do with what He has given me?

I may have been surprised to hear the things people where going through, so close to home.  I  have been surprised by the variety of confirmations I received that something was desperately wrong within four walls that were suppose to be ‘safe’.

However surprised I may have been, shocked is probably more accurate, the Lord knew exactly who would confide in me, what they would confide, and what it would confirm for me.

He has not given me more than I can handle, the only question is how am I suppose to handle it?

Quietly, supporting those who have confided?

Boldly, speaking for those who are afraid to speak?

Suttly, to offer confirmation for others who are still confused and decieved?

Directly, to those who know exactly what they are doing?

My thinking has been stirred again this morning by a comment from a visitor, inviting me to

I spent only a few moments at the sight, reading the warning that is not for the faint at heart. I then went on to read Calling a Spade a Spade, a Spritual Abuse Survey, and When should a Christian Leave a Church?  I will share this quote from the later:

A good man in a bad system will not misuse his authority. 

A good system can deal with a bad man and get rid of him.

A bad man in a bad system is an untouchable pope simply because he is protected by the system.


It only took a few moments to realize that what I have witnessed, only through the testimony of those around me, is running rampid in our ‘church’.

Believers are all members of one body, the body of Christ.

How do I care for my injured limbs?