Believers are suppose to be the salt of the earth; we are suppose to speak the truth in love; we are suppose to follow the direction of the great commission and go and make disciples.

Puzzler, my young fruit loop, has taken this call very seriously.  He is a relatively young man, and yet he has grasped the simple, straight forward truth of the gospel of Christ and he is not afraid to share it, with anyone who will listen.

Puzzler had the neighbor over one day, and while they were bouncing on the trampoline, Puzzler asked the boy if he attended church.

I attend temple, was the response, we are Jewish. 

Puzzler asked, well do you believe in God and His Son Jesus?

The boy responded, we believe Jesus was a good man but not the son of God.

Puzzler, somewhat perplexed by that said, Well, your wrong, he is the Son of God.

The boy said, my parents have taught me and this is what they believe, it’s not like I can change my religion.

Puzzler answered, You can change and you should!

I wish I had the boldness of my young fruit loop!

I met with a Jehovah Witness in my living room, almost every week, for a 18 months.  We talked about many things, and I had so many opportunities to be bold for the Lord, and often I shyed away, thinking, she has more verses memorized, she knows more Greek than I do, she won’t believe me if the pamphlet says something else (the Watchtower pamphlets always have  a slant on scripture that doesn’t line up).

My list of excuses not to speak up was as long as my arm, and I allowed the enemy to feed me that list week after week, for over a year and a half, when all I had to do was speak the simple truth of the gospel that I know  that I know that I know.

Ofcourse, I spoke up, opposing the tainted scripture she had been taught. But I knew the bottom line, and I knew that she didn’t believe it, and I could have said it many times.

She could have heard it 50+ times (if she had stuck around that long) and if she rejected it still, then Lord help her, but shouldn’t I have been more bold?

Anyone reading this may be saying It isn’t up to us to save people, that is up to the Lord. And you are right, I agree whole heartedly, it is up to the Lord to convict and to save, and to free people from what ever teaching they may be in bondage to.

But that doesn’t relieve me of my responsibility to the Lord, to share the gospel.

It is so simple in Puzzler’s mind, there is truth, and he will share it.  He owns it, and he boldly tells it like it is.

Remember that old saying ‘out of the mouth of babes’, why don’t I speak up as simply and as readily as Puzzler…

Ephesians 6:19,20 “And for me the utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.  For which I am an ambassador in bonds:that therein I may speak boldy as I ought to speak.”

May these verses be the prayer of all those who know the truth.