I sometimes think I would be a good speech writer!  I can prepare in my mind the acceptance speech and the ‘it was an honor just to be nominated’ speech.  I can’t give a speech to save my life (well maybe to save my life) but my voice would be cracking and my leg trembling thruogh the entire thing.  But writing a speech, that I truly enjoy (and some would say excel at).

I prepared in my mind the two blog entires Living the Dream, and Short Lived Dream.  You already know which entry I am writing. 

Miss Hopkins is not the right horse, at not the right time. I appreciate the input from family, friends and readers (who are also friends).  I had some time over the weekend to think and to pray and to gether information,  and while the child in me wanted to run recklessly down the path to horse ownership,  the adult in me as somewhere along the line become rational, logical, and self controlled.

So I will continue living the dream I am already in the midst of, married, raising children, living in my little house in the big woods, with our small inexpensive managable ‘furries’ (3 cats and a fabulous dog).

I will thank God for my blessings every day, keep my heart open to receiving every good and perfect gift that He has instore for me, and keep dreaming!