1Jn 4:1
  Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
Mat 24:24
 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders , so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.

Todd Bentley…

Pastors and leaders calling and asking “if we come will there be a seat?”.

Dear pastors and leaders inquiring, with all do respect, why would you come?

Watch one video on You Tube and it is painfully obvious that the spirit of this man should be tested.  Watch two videos and the test is over, he can not possibly be a respresentative of the God I know and love!

Signs and Wonders of God by definition are miraculous! 

This laughing in the spirit, which befalls the audience with Todd leading the way, laughing and nodding his head up and down so fast it looks like the video is on fast forward; this is not miraculous; this is just a man,manufacturing a laugh, adding body language, and continuing long enough that the audience is laughing along with him. 

Aside from his antics, What does he say?

In the bible, I see the Spirit move when people are humbly seeking the Lord.  I see miracles happen when Jesus is teaching, and someone humbly approaches,not wanting to even interrupt Him, simply to touch His garment and hope they will be healed.

He was simply teaching the gospel, the truth of who He is, why He came, and teaching those who believed how to continue sharing the truth. 

Jesus performed miracles as a testimony to His power.  The Spirit then operated in and through believers with miracles and signs and wonders and gifts, to testify to the truth (read Hebrews Chpt 2).

The point is, the reason for miracles, and signs and wonders and Gifts of Healing, and allt the other gifts of the Spirit, was to reinforce the teaching of the truth.

I have only watched a couple clips of Todd Bentley, because quite frankly I think he is creeepy, but I don’t hear him teaching the gospel; I don’t see him humble pointing to the Lord.

I see a man, seeking his own fame, telling stories about his encounters with angels;

And let’s talk about those angels for a moment, I remember many instances in the bible where angels came to deliver messages, I don’t remember a time when angels came and camped out with a guy for months at a time, speaking to them daily about random things. 

Angels came in contact with humans for one reason I recall and that was to deliver a concise, clear, message from God!  And the biblical characters who encountered these angels where humbled by the visit and by the message.

I don’t see humility in Todd Bentley; I dont’ see him delivering the clear gospel truth.

I see him offering quite a show, bordering on angel worship (if not already given over to it); I see a man offereing signs and wonders, and miracles and healing, but not offering Christ, and the gospel and salvation.

Believers, we should be seeking after the Lord.

And if He by His grace and mercy should bestow more upon us, we ought offer it back to Him!