Would Eve have taken a bite of the forbidden fruit if the serpent had not had a conversation with her?

If the serpent had kept his two cents worth out of it, would Eve have sinned?

You may be quick to answer,

Quick to say, ofcourse she would have, she was a sinner from the start

Or quick to say, no, she fell when she was tempted.

I say, ofcourse she would have she was in the garden with her spouse. (LOL)

But consider it for a moment, and it may not be that obvious of an answer.

Adam and Eve were living in the garden, with only one tree they were not to eat from, and they had yet to sin.

That’s right, pre-bite of the fruit, Adam and Eve would have been living side by side, perfectly sinless.

Imagine if your spouse was sinless, boy the pressure would be on for you to clean up your act, HUH?

If he always put the seat down, you would always have to put the cap on the toothpaste. 

If he always took the trash out before it overflowed, you would always have to run the dishwasher before it was packed. 

If he always sat down on the couch immediately upon coming home from work to see how your day was, You would always have to hang up the phone from chatting with your girlfriend about the latest town gossip, did i say gossip, I think that is a sin too, which would have to stop if your husband quit cursing at the basketball game.

Imagine Adam, loving Eve perfectly as Christ would one day love the church.  And Eve respecting Adam seamlessly.  Imagine each fulfilling his or her role completely, perfectly, contentedly, without question or conflict.

Hard to imagine isn’t it?  Hard to imagine what it would be like to live along side your spouse sinlessly.

Hard to imagine what it would be like to live in the image God created  you, without the noise of the world encouraging you to be something else.

So back to the question,

The temptation existed from the time God said not to eat from that particular tree.

Did the serpent push Eve over the edge from temptation to sin?

Would Eve have jumped into the abyss of sin of her own accord?

What’s the point?

The point is, we have temptatin before us all the time, is there a serpent in our lives, pushing us over the edge? 

Are we jumping off cliffs all on our own? 

 Are we a serpent in someone else’s life?

 Are we bringing people to the line between obedience and sin, and inviting them to join us, on the wrong side of the tracks?

When you stand before the tree, how do you avoid temptation, serpent or no serpent?