I am challenged by a response to previous posts about spiritual authority that says the idea of ‘spiritual authority’ or a ‘covering’ is heresy. 

Now I haven’t investigated all that in the Word yet, but I am working through a few scenarios that make our current few of ‘authority’ of the local church over their congregats flawed. 

Go with me on my tangent. 

I am in a women’s group that meets bi-monthly to discuss the Word.

So let’s say I am a false teacher, sitting in the women’s group, teaching a false doctrine.  For fun let’s pick something no one would actually believe…

How about ‘Elmo is a modern day apostle’

So after I have begun proclaiming this false teaching in the group, the hostess recognizes the problem and in accordance with Matt. 18  she confronts me privately, sharing her concern about my Elmo teaching.

I tell her I appreciate her interest, but I am right and she is wrong.

She then brings a witness or two with her from the group who share their concern about my Elmo teaching.

I tell them, I appreciate your concern, but I’m right, and will continue to speak freely about Elmo.

The hostess and witnesses then decide to go to my local church, and tell my pastor, who is in ‘authority’ over me, that I am presenting a false teaching about Elmo.

So my pastor comes to me and I say thanks for asking, but your wrong, and Elmo is who I say he is.

Now what?

The problem clearly is that while I attend the local church, and fellowship there, and am taught there, I have no relationship with this pastor, who is also pastor to 500 other people, so this man who looks like a modern day spiritual authority in my life, because I am supposedly submitted to my local body, actually has no authority in my life.

So now what, that authority figure, actually has no authority, and I can freely continue my teaching about Elmo.

The ‘church’ in this case perhaps should have been the women’s group, who actually hears me talking about Elmo and needs to make a judgement about whether or not my teaching is false, and perhaps cast me out of the ‘church’ if I persist in my teaching about Elmo.

I am only at the tip of the iceberg in discovery and study about this spiritual authority issue.  But I am intrigued by the idea that someone says it is heresy from the shepard’s movement.  And I can already see how this ‘authority/covering’ doctrine is overused and abused in my local churches.

Why are our leaders asserting the idea that they are our ‘spiritual leaders’?

The bible tells me my husband is my leader.

Why are we members looking for a ‘spiritual leader’?

1) We have one, his name is JESUS,

2) it is easier to sit back and let someone else ‘cover’ whatever you are doing, hearing, being taught, than to take time to investigate it all yourself, taking every morsel to the Lord, and not owning it until you have an answer from the Lord Himself.

Like I said, tip of the ice berg, but I am sensing a melt down!