Sun At Last, Sun at Last

Thank God Almighty there is sun at last!

I had big plans to homeschool thru the end of June, and the weather was cooperating nicely.  It was cold and rainy, and not hard at all to stay indoors and get things done.

But now there is sunshine!!!!

The pool is up, the swings are up, the slide is out, the picnic blanket is in the grass, the garden is planted and the Fruit Loops smell of sunscreen (I love that smell!).

And my plans to keep schooling are caput!!!!

But me dear Fruit Loops, are lounging in the pool READING, and sitting no the blanket playing chess, and laying on the trampoline telling stories! 

And my house is clean, because everyone is living in the yard, from sun up until sun down!

Thank the Lord for Summer!

(and 6moths from now I will be praising Him for winter)