I am first under the authority of God.

I am then, by His Word, under the authority of my husband.

I am to obey the government put in place above me, because that authority is given by God.

I am not to submit to any authority that contradicts God.

I don’t find a place in the word, that tells me to ‘submit’, ‘to be under the authority of” or to have the ‘covering’ of my local church.

The Word does tell me to not forsake fellowship, to gather together, to hear the Word, to exhort one another.  But none of that gives anyone in that fellowship any authority over my life, or over my spiritual life.

When God gives authority to a husband, He is saying that husband is ultimately accountable for his wife, the good, the bad and the ugly.

When Christ took on responsibility for the Church, He took all our sins upon Him and was beaten to a pulp and crucified for them.

Does a pastor really want to take on that kind of responsibility for their congregation?

They shouldn’t want to, and they shouldn’t redefine authority and resonsibility to take what they want, and to gain the  submission of their congregation.

Likewise, the congregats giving over ‘spritual authority’ or seeking a ‘covering’ just want to avoid taking ultimate responsiblity for themselves. 

It would be great to stand before the pearly gates one day, ready to enter eternity, next to a brother I was so fond of here on earth, and when asked to give an answer for my words and actions and the  condition of my heart, to simply point to the brother next to me and say “I was under his authority, I had his covering’

But that ain’t gonna fly at the pearly gates.

This idea of a ‘covering’ or ‘spiritual authority’ seems to be a bad, suttle undercurrent.  And pastors or congregats wading in these waters should get out.