Exhortation:  Day 4

I appeal to you brothers by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ , that all of you agree and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgement.”

1 Corinthians 1:10

I came across a blog last night and the post was titled “Top 10 things Christians do that make me naseaus”  It was sad to see that as a Christian, I not only witnessed many of the things among believers but would agree that it is naseauting. 

One of the things this blogger said that Christians do is Major in the Minors and Minor in the Majors.

Are we so ‘studied’ now that we separate ourselves on minor issues, instead of cohesively working to promote the major issues? 

I  am not suggesting that there are no issues that would be major enough to cause divisions.   Certainly we would not align ourselves with a false teacher, who is misrepresenting the Gospel of Christ.

But the Gospel is a major doctrine. The Lord is unwaivering.

There are things, however that are perhaps minors that we like to make majors.

Are we dividing ourselves on issues that are minor? 

One of my favorite ‘Minors made Major’ is the issue of alcohol.  We have entire demoninations who have separated themselves on this issue.  I personally don’t think God sees this as a major, or He woud be much more clear about it!

The key then, to Majors vs. Minors, is not figuring out what your own Majors and Minors are. It is decifering what God’s Majors and Minors are. 

What things did Jesus make pointedly clear?  Perhaps these are the majors.  What things did Jesus overlook?  It is safe to say these are the minors. 

I want to Major in the Majors, and minor in the minors. 

 I dont’ want to distort the Gospel of Christ by Majoring in the Minors.

Will you join me?