Late Saturday afternoon,at about 4:45pm my husband and I were driving into town. 

We live outside of town, so we were driving along our windy tree line road, when my husband thought he saw smoke.  I agreed it could be smoke, but thought it could also be a dust devil.

He thought we should report it, and so I suggested he call the non-emergency number of the police station.  We didn’t have that number.

So as we approached the highway into town, we were still debating the best course of action for reporting that we think we saw smoke. 

To my surprise, my husband decided to “Stop By” the fire department.

Can you do that?  Can you just drop by to say you think you saw smoke?

So we stopped.  Well it appeared no one was home.  So my husband jogged on over to the police substation to report that we think we saw smoke.

I kinda gave him a little grief about his urgency to report that we think we saw smoke.

After four hours of errands and dinner in town, we were returning down the same windy tree lined road, and I saw a police trailer on a turnout that said on the side INCIDENT COMMAND CENTER.

Alarmed, I said “Honey, are you going to stop and find out what is going on?”

He quickly pulled over, and after a few rounds of “You go ask, NO, you go ask?” (which I won) he went to ask.

Response: “well sir, at about 5pm we received a report that someone thought they saw smoke in the area, and since that time we have been fighting this 15 acre blaze.  Earlier we suggested a voluntary evacuation of homes just north of the road, but those folks have returned and the blaze is about 50 percent contained.”

so my husband saw smoke…

15 acres of the state park are burning…

and my ego is burning too…