10)  Know what you are getting…You may see a good paint job, but find nothing but problems under the hood.

9) Take a test drive…the engine may purr like a kitten sitting still, but what happens when you shift gears?

8) Consider the average mpg…Gas is expensive, but if you run out, the fuel injection system is far more costly.

7) Check the tire treads…you never know when the road will get bumpy.

6) Find a mechanic you can trust…there are plenty of folks out there who can offer you a quick fix but will it last?

5) Check the Brakes…if there is nothing to stop you once you get going, it could be one dangerous ride

4) Count the Cost…the value will most likely decrease over time

3) Ask for a maintenance record… there are many parts that need to be maintained, and if they aren’t it just won’t run quite right

2) Don’t get too attached…just drive it ’til it dies and then get another one

1) Don’t lose the key… You can pack a bunch of people in, but without the key, you are going nowhere