Ever buy a brand new set of dishes, settings for twelve, carefully hand wash each piece out of the box, set the table with joy the first time you use them, enjoy the food so much more because it taste better off of these new beautful plates, and then when you finish eating and your dear son begins to clear the table, you hear


Just before you hear the sound of your brand new plate hitting the floor and shattering into atleast a dozen pieces?

And naturally (I hope), you look to your dear son and assure him (in your most loving tone) that it is okay, it is only a plate, and you are glad he isn’t hurt, and lets get the broom and clean up together.

Unfortunately, inside, a teeny tiny part of you can’t help but think…

I just bought those dishes, in sets of four, I can’t even replace just that one piece.

Well, after instituting my new plan, that teeny tiny part of me, will never be heard again!

I am buying all white place settings, at gargage sales and thrift shops, NONE OF WHICH MATCH!

It’s brilliant.  I am buying all white, so it all matches, but none of it matches, so i will never have to replace a whole set of anything.  And when (not if you notice but when) a piece gets broken,


Its off to the thrift store to replace ONE WHITE PIECE, probably for under a dollar! 

I have started my WHITE collection and I am having so much fun!! My goal is to be setting the table in pure white, but the end of garage sale season!