The Chipmunks,  who doesn’t love them!

In my little house in the big woods, we have had more than one entertaining encounter, with Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and several of their cousins.

Threre was the time we left a bucket out by our trailer in which we were collecting yard debris.  We left the empty bucket, intending to get back to our clean up the next day.  The weather took a turn, and we enjoyed a few days of rain, before returning to pine needle detail. When we did get back to the bucket, we were stunned to see that Alvin had taken the plunge, in the bucket of rain, and met with his own untimely death! 

We were tempted to build a small pine box and hold a brief service, but we were afraid Simon and Theodore would somehow find as at fault and sue.  So we discarded the carcass in the trailer heading for the dump, and went on about cleaning up the yard.

Then came the Chipmunk Swing dancing class.  I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had seen it myself; Simon and Theordore, frolicing about in our tree swings!  They were climbing the ropes, jumping to and fro, they even switched swings in the middle (is that a do si do?)

Most recently were the Chipmunk Races.  These are held in the front of the house, beginning in the garden, the course continues across the driveway, infront of the garage, and around the corner into the dog run, where the winner scurries under the foundation of the house, with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place following close behind.  I think Simon is the fastest, and I am pretty sure it is Theodore that is bringing up the rear.

But none of these episodes prepared me for the Chipmunk drama of today. 

Today, I was sitting quietly on the floor with Puzzler, drawing in the living room, when Whistler called from the bedroom “MOM, Rico (our best hunting cat) has something in his mouth!!!

I was instantly alarmed because over the course of our stay here in the big woods, Rico has hunted down and killed 4 field mice inside, and one oversized rat in the garage. 

But certainly, I was not about to find out what the cat had in his mouth.  So i quickly jumped up onto the  back of the couch and began screaming for Racer (my oldest most courageous Fruit Loop).

Racer came quickly to my rescue, taking charge of the situation, instructing Whistler to get dust pans and shovels, and wood, to properly trap the little demon if it got out of Rico’s mouth alive.

I waited on the edge of the back of my couch in the living room, the suspense was killing me,

What does he have?

Is it dead yet?

If it isn’t dead yet, how are we going to get it out of the house?

If it is a field mouse, I am unhappy,

If it is a rat, I’m moving

And then came the word. “Mom, he has a chipmunk”

My response, “Is it Simon or Theodore?”