I went to Costco today, and filled the cart! We had a few jobs pay off, and it is time to stock the freezer. I joked a few days ago that we were just raking in money.  What I meant ofcourse was that we were rakin’ through the couch with our finger tips hoping to find enough change to put a drop of gas in the car!

Anyway, back to Costco…

we load the check out stand two stories high (not really but it makes the story sound better)and hand the cashier our card. 

The other clerk at the check stand says “Back in the cart okay?”

My husband nodded, and I thought to myself

Ofcourse we want them back in the cart what do you think we are going to do, load them on our pack mule and take them out to the car.

In the car, I asked my DH what he thought about the ridiculous question and we came up with a great response for the next time a clerk asks us…

 “Back in the cart okay?”

No thanks, could you please carry it out to my car piece by piece, drive it home, and put in my pantry , fridge or freeze.

There are so many words to choose from in the English Language, why can’t people say what they mean?