Fear is an excellent path for the enemy to take into my heart and mind.

I spent many childhood years being afraid.

Afraid of the dark,

Afraid to be home alone,

Afraid of breaking a bone,

As a young single women, I moved on to things like,

Afraid of being single,

Afraid of being raped,

As a wife, I brought those fears with me,

And then as a mother I moved on to things like,

A fear of something tragic happening to one of my children.

I often make decisions based on fear.

Fear of what could happen, fear of what could not happen.

The Lord has been faithful to work with me over the years, and some of these fears, I have overcome by the Grace of God. 

But I am not free from fear, and the enemy knows it.

Fear rears its ugly self in my mind almost daily.

Sometimes I successfully take the thoughts captive.  Other times I have a good old fashioned cry at the throne, and hope that one day God will give me victory over that fear too!

A couple of days ago, the Lord gave me another stepping stone on the path to freedom from fear.

I am afraid of a percieved threat.

In any given situation I will evaluate what could go wrong, even if the odds of that thing going wrong are One in One Billlion Million Trillion.

And then came The Word with Power.

Psalm 5:8 For thou alone O Lord dost make me to dwell in safety.

You mean it is not my good decisions made out of fear that keep me safe?