I’m a journalism major, and so words are important.

There are plenty of them in the English Language to choose from, and so why not choose the one that actually means what you are trying to say.

A wish is a desire for something that may or may not be attainable. The wish did not come true unless one receives what one wished for.

A child wishes they could go to the movies with their friends on Friday.  Mom can make that wish come true, or allow that wish to continue in wish land until next weekend.

People wish on stars, does that star have any way of making that desire come to be.

A prayer is our communication with the Lord.  We praise Him, we confess sin to Him, we seek Him, we petition Him with our requests.  We do so because He alone can supply our needs, and answer our requests in accord with His perfect plan. A prayer can be answered whether one receives what was requested or not.

A wish seems like a lofty sentiment spoken aloud in an effort to obtain our desire.

A prayer is a recognition of a Holy God, and a willingness to submit, not just seek what we want.

So I am on a tangent, I get that…

But it started because I have spent years, recieving e-mails with beautiful prayers in them.  Along with a message that says ‘I am praying this for you today’. 

And I am feeling so blessed until I read…

“so make a wish and forward this to ten people and see what happens in ten minutes”

And so i hit delete as fast as I can!!!!

Wishes and Prayers do not go together.

It is one or the other.

Either you wish, and if it occurs you sumise that some star shined upon you today and you got what you wanted.

Or you pray, and ‘yes or no’ you believe that the Creator or Heaven and Earth has done what is best for you.

I am not above seeking the Lord, and asking that He show me His desire within a time frame in which I need to make a decision.

But I highly doubt that God is willing to work within the time frame that it takes to find 10 people in my contacts list who won’t be mad at me for forwarding this ‘wish and a prayer’ to them, and then sending it out and watching the clock for 10 minutes to see what happens.

Forget the e-mail, prayer for someone for 10 minutes, write it down somewhere, and let God answer in His own time!