I love when my Fruit Loops simaltaneously declare,  

“That isn’t fair.”

My consistent response (which they have grown to expect) is

 “Who told you life would be fair”

The reality is we very rarely find ourselves on an even playing field. In almost every area of life, one has an advantage over another. 

Ever hear the phrase ‘all things being equal…’

Well all things aren’t equal.

But one thing is given out in life equally.

One thing is divied up fairly.

That one thing is time.

We all get the same amount.

When somone says “I don’t know how you do it, you just have more time than I do”

I want to ask, “Where do you suppose I get that ‘more time’? 

You will proabably be shocked to learn that I watched Bewitched (it’s okay I have repented and turned from the error of my ways.)  The point is she was the only homemaker I know of who could buy herself time.  She did so by freezing everything and everyone around her, with alittle twitch of the nose and didn’t unfreeze them, until she had had enough time to herself to do what she needed to do.

The point is we all get the same amount of time.  It is fair.  We all have the same amount.  No one can add more, no one can save it up, no one can share.

I have examined this issue of time before, and I had heard a quote that

we can spend time,
 we can waste time,
or we can invest time.

Today I realize the truth is I am spending time no matter what, my only choice is whether to waste it or invest it.

One thing is for sure,

 I have as much of it as the next guy,
 I can’t get more of it,
and I can’t save it up for a rainy day. 

So I best figure out how to spend it wisely.