Driver’s Education is an excellent source of information and training for the person taking the wheel.

But what about the passenger?

I think we would all agree that several of the passengers we have chauffeured  could use some tips on riding properly. And I am not a cab driver, I am speaking simply of family, friends, out of town guests.  God Bless the driver who is being paid by the untrained passenger.

But there is a solution:

Passenger Education

The following is the course outline for the first semester of Passenger Education:
(Topics to be covered are not neccessarily listed in order of importance)

Shot Gun

When to Call It                                                                                                           

Arguning your Case As to Why You Should be Awarded Shot Gun


Giving Directions

Recognizing Signs that the Driver is Lost

How to Know if You Have Been Asked to Assist in Directing the Vehicle to the Destination

Tips on Tone and Vocabulary When Offering Assistance to the Seemingly Direction Impaired


Back Seat Driving

Reading Signs (Especially Speed Limits) and When to Read Aloud

Why It Is Never Recommended to Reach Over the Driver’s Head and Grab the Wheel

The Oh Shit Handle –

When Use is Merited

How to Use Properly While Shouting Appropritate Verbage

How to Use for Dramatic Purposes to Invoke Laughter

When Dramatic Purposes May Provoke Anger and or Wrath from the Driver


Special Training For Long Distance Passengers

Serving Snacks and Beverages in Style

Stimulating Conversation Starters

Scanning for Gas Stations, Rest Stops or Eatery’s and Announcing Them Prior to Appropriate Exit

Reading Maps – The Direction You are Heading is Not Always North

Being the DJ-

When to Touch the Dial, or Change the CD

When to Keep Your @$%#*& Hands Off My Radio