I have been pondering these few chapters in Judges about Samson.

His First Wife, betrayed him.  And was given to the best man. 


Then comes Delilah.

And she comes to him not once but 3 or 4 times asking the sources of his strength.

He is smart enough the first few times to give her some ridiculous answer.

And then she tries it.

Hello Samson!!! She wasn’t asking out of curiousity.  She had a motive, a bad motive.

But he didn’t get it.  He kept telling her sources of his strength, and kept watching her test them, and then telling her again. 

What did he think was going to happen when he told her the true source of his strength. 

Did he think for a moment she wouldn’t chop off his hair?

But the real focus for me did not turn out to be what I could learn from Samson.  But rather what I see in Delilah. 

I see a few things:

First, the enemy –  He isn’t always subtle. 

 Delilah was putting it right out there for Samson to see, what info she wanted and what she planned to do

with it. The enemy does show his cards, and we can fold, and walk away without loosing a penny.



Second,  the enemy knows the source of our strength and he is coming after it.

One of his greatest tools is getting us to drop or guard, cast our pearls before swine if you will, and then be left to grapple with ‘they won’t really use that against me’, will they?. 

And I think we as Christians are falling into this plan and aiding the enemy when we judge one another.

Third – and perhaps the most difficult to face

What am I doing to tap my husband’s strength?

I want to learn from Delilah’s mistakes, not repeat them.