A few months ago, I attempted to write 30 days of Exhortation, for the purpose of encouraging myself and anyone who might be reading this blog.  I was unsuccessful, because myself got in the way.  I love to write, and so I always wanted to be able to add some personal note, to whatever I was sharing.

But today I was visiting blogs I enjoy, and was reminded that Shades of White, has another blog called Listeneing to Silence.  At Shades of White, she shares herself, and at Listening to Silence, she shares someone elses words that have encouraged her.

So today, I have created Rainbows in Raindrops.

A place to share from the Word, or from the encouraging words of others.

Simple Truths, Simply Put, Simply for the purpose of a ray of light in the stormy times in which we live.

I hope you enjoy your visit.