It is amazing to me what happens when I enthusaistically start a new project in my home.

My enthusiasm breeds the interest of my children, and soon they are all in!!!

I recently started and Everything Book.  I was caring for one of my dear friends chldren, who helped me design the cover.  I have since begun to fill the pages wtih pictures I have taken, stories I have told, quotes I have heard, clippings from magazines, thoughts and prayers, the list goes on and on!!!

Yesterday, at lunch, I wasjotting down a few things I would love to do some day, from the simple, very feasable, to the extravagant that may never happen, but it is fun to dream!

Dream fever caught on, and my Whistler would like to meet the cast of StarWars and hold a real light saber, and Puzzler wants to meet Brett Favre and the Jets.

I want to go to the base of Mt Everest!!!!!

Yep, I want to see the tallest, most glorious mountain that God put on the face of the earth. 

And I can do it! 

For a mere $8,800 you can get a guided tour to the Khumba Ice Fall.  That doesn’t include air fare or gear.

For $68,000 the guide will try to get you to the summit…

Want to go?