When I sit in my living room, where the entire back wall is windows, it is like sitting on a park bench. The tree tops are higher than I can see; the gray squirrels run to and fro, with their tails getting fluffier by the day; the chipmunks race on the ground scrounging for bits of something, perhaps anything; and the birds whistle a tune all day long.

Birds are an interesting contrast to the other animals. 

While the others constantly seem to be rushing about, looking for something, carrying something, doing something, you seldom see a bird in the midst of gathering.  Even when you do, they don’t look hurried.  They seem to go about their work in the same manner with which they go about their leisure.  They are graceful, they are confident, they look no more hurried building a nest than they do when they flutter from tree top to tree top to meet friends for tea!

Yesterday, as i sat in my living room, I noticed something even more striking about the behavior of this feathered friend. 

I was chatting with a friend, and I heard a ‘donk’ on the window in the living room. I didnt’ see anything!  Assuming one of my Fruit Loops was trying to play a game with me, I hurried to the window to look for the prankster.

To my dismay, what I saw was that a bird had hit the window, and now lay on his back, on the ground, taking his last breaths.  I quickly called the boys to the window, so they could witness the horror with me, for the bird and I can not suffer silently, alone.  We watched tragedy unfold, as wing and tail made their final motions.  It only took minutes and yet I wished I knew how to put this fallen comrade out of his misery.

Sadly, we left the bird there, for dad to pick up.

And a bit later, as I sat in the window, listening, I heard an amazing thing.

The birds in the tree, who no doubt witnessed the tragic ending to a beautiful flight, and now saw their lost friend lying on the sidewalk behind the house (the arch enemy who killed their friend),

Never Changed Their Tune!

Their Song was as sweet as it had been that morning, when I first opened the windows and heard their melody.  Despite what they were suffering, their song was the same.

Is my song the same, regardless of what I am suffering?