I’m sure you have heard the phrase,

“Try Walking in my shoes?”

Or some variety of the same phrase. 

These pictures are of my Fruit Loops, Racer and Whistler

trying to wear Tiny Dancer’s Doll Shoes.

The standing was okay, but the walking didn’t go so well.

What’s the point?

The Point is they don’t fit!!!!

In my walk with the Lord, He chose the path, and He also chose the ‘shoes’ I would wear. 

I am guilty of comparing myself, in the Christian community, to others and thinking less of myself, and on occasion more highly of myself than I ought (that occasion is not very often, but it seems wise to confess it).

This practice is hogwash!

God designed us for our purpose, and for our trials,

There is no sense in trying to ‘walk in her shoes’ (or his).

They don’t fit, and they were never intended to!