I have a Titus 2 Woman!

Half my adult life (atleast) I have prayed for a Titus 2 Woman.  And finally God has answered my prayer.  And my dear Titus 2 Woman at the May Farm is teaching me so much!  I am so grateful for her!

She not only teaches me, but her joy in doing what she teaches is contagioius, and so as I am busy about my house, I am finding great pleasure in being so! 

Well, last Saturday, she sent me home with a jar of plum juice, straight from her steam juicer, full of plums from a friends yard.  And with that plum juice, she sent instructions to make plum jelly. 

I followed her instructions, as I remembered and here is what happened…

I poured my beautiful red violet plum juice into a pan.

I added 3/4 cup sugar for every 1 cup juice.

I simmered over low heat stirring constantly to bring to a light boil and thicken.

I stirred, and stirred and stirred, for an hour.

I watched as my red violet juice turned to froth, and the color seemed to change to mahogony tone. 

But I thought to myself, ‘she said this is how to do it, and so I continued”

Suddenly, the thickens seemed to have taken over, and I knew I had to quickly get it into jars!  I assumed that when it cooled, it would be what it was suppose to be

So I tried to fill the small lovely jelly jars I had set aside for just such an occasion as my first jelly…

The funnel didn’t help…

So I tried going straight to the jar…

Going straight to the jar proved to be even more difficult

and painful, I burned my finger and the blister is huge!

I was so discouraged!!!!!

I thought I followed the directions!

I had to leave the mess in the kitchen for a time, adn then come back ready to clean up the mess.

It was a lengthy process to reheat the goo and get it off the the utensils, the pot, the jar, the counter…

All the while lamenting what could have been, if only I had followed the instructions more carefully.

I must have missed something! 

I did miss something…

The e-mail telling me this method won’t work for plum jelly, and the revised instructions!