When I was a young girl, my Grandma made me a quilt by hand.  I was in awe that she would spend the time and put forth the effort to create an entire queen sized masterpiece for me!  I still have it, tucked away in a safe place, because it needs repairs!  I hold it so dear, I don’t even have it out to enjoy (shame on me)

At the May Farm  old quilts, with or without repairs are displayed and used and it is so charming! 

One in particular is Grandma’s Flower Garden! 

Mrs. May taught us this beautiful pattern, and it can be done using scrap fabric!

i was so delighted!  I came home and started immediately.  Carefully selecting coordinating and complimentary scraps to create my first flower…

It took a couple weeks, of finding spare time and grabbing my needle and thread to get this one done, but I am so pleased with the outcome!

So excited in fact, that I grabbed my bucket of scraps and went from this overstuffed, unorganized, bucket of things i felt too quilty to throw away

To this basket of beautiful quilt pieces just waiting to be assembled…

In just one evening of handing out scissors to the Fruit Loops, and cutting away!

(Thank goodness the next day was vacuuming day!)

For fun we pulled out some pieces and began creating ‘flowers’ we want to stitch together…

I can’t wait to get stitchin!!!!

I could easily neglect all of my resonsibilities to sit and stitch,

but I doubt My Dear Mrs. May would approve of that.

So, I shall scurry through the days tasks, hoping to find time (and energy) when all is done, to assemble another flower!