I love that my husband *brews coffee (he doesn’t even drink it) and brings a cup to my room every morning, so that I can have a little ME time before the day is in full swing.

*For any one thinking I should be the one brewing the coffee for him, it is biblical that he takes on this task. There is a whole book about in the bible, you may be familiar, it is call HeBrews!

I love that when my Fruit Loops wake up, they come in one by one to announce they have awakened, and then slip quietly back out of the room! 

I love that when I sing

Goodmorning Puzzler
Goodmorning Puzzler
Goodmorning Puzzler
This is your morning Song!

Puzzler covers his ears as if he doesn’t want to hear me sing, but smiles from ear to ear while I sing!

I love that Whistler, greets Tiny Dancer with a hug and a smile and scoop her up to go find a bottle of milk and watch Sesame Street Silly Songs!

I love that Tiny Dancer loves her Sesame Street Silly Songs DVD as much as Racer loved his Sesame Street Silly Songs VHS!  And that while she is watching intently, he can still sing along!

I love that my when I walk into my living room, there is a wall full of windows, letting me greet the day with sunshine and pine trees, squirrels scurrying about, and deer eating whatever deer find to eat as they graze across our property!

I love that my house can be a bit messy, and no body but me cares!

I love that when we skip school to play Monopoly, my husband, the principal, is okay with it, because he values our family relationships as much as education.

I love that my cats run up and down the hall, playing chase with our new kitten!  Those old lazy cats have come back to life again,and it reminds me that we are only as old as we think we are!

I love that my friends will go on tangents with me, like soapmaking, and quilting!  And we can laugh together about the very notion that we would have time to take on such lofty endeavors! And yet somehow, because we are doing it together, we do find time!

I love that His Mercies are new everymorning…

A clean slate for the day,

Renewed Energy,

Rested Hearts and Minds,

Peace before the Chaos of the Day.