The Ten Minute Tidy is a little game we started playing at our house, when everything seems to be in disarray! 

It is simple, and I am sure you can guess most of it,

Whoever is home gets to play (including my dear husband, or strives to participate to set a good example to our Fruit Loops)

We all stop whatever we are doing, and spend ten minutes picking up stuff and putting it where it belongs.
This includes putting shoes left in the entry into the shoe box,

Folding cozy quilts left on the couch, and hanging them back on the quilt rack,

Getting dishes and cups from tea and snacks into the sink,

Cleaning up school books left on the table and getting them back to the shelves,

Returning my quilt pieces, or various other project pieces to my sewing room (because I tend to carry them with me from room to room hoping to make some progress).

What I love most, is that my Fruit Loops joyfully participate in the ten minute tidy, and none of us are ever watching the clock. 

I think sometimes it takes more than ten minutes, if we have had a really industrious (aka: messy) day!

And sometimes, it takes less! 

Most importantly,  it is a fun and simple way to get a fresh start in the middle of the day!