I have long enjoyed reading what others have shared on Thankful Thursday.  Finally, I have found the time and inspiration to share.

I am thankful for the seasons. 

I am reminiscent of the summer, when our pastimes were floating down the river, long walks in the warm evenings, picnics in the park, cold  salads and fresh fruit for dinner.

I am enjoying the fall, cold mornings by the warm fire, afternnoons filled with tea and a good book, The Deer meandering across our property, stopping to pose as if only for us to enjoy them, warm stew and fresh homemade bread for dinner.

I am looking forward to winter, waking each morning anticipating a fresh fallen snow, sledding on the mountain,quilting a new flannel throw, Christmas Cookies, and NFL Playoffs!

I am also thankful for the seasons of life,

The time spent creating an image.  Finding out who I was in Christ, as a wife, and a mother, as a homeschooler, and a friend.

The time spent maintaining that image.  Living out who I thought I could be, sometimes on my own strength, sometimes leaning on His.

The realization that I had to let go of that image.  Forgetting what my own ideals were, relinquishing my plans and desires, however noble they may have seemed.

The prayer, that my image would fade, and His image would be seen in me.