Being very wordy, and very black and white, I can get caught in a web of misunderstanding someone’s point because of semantics. 

Being as wise as I am (haha) I know that I default to this place where people should say what they mean and mean what they say, and so I try to practice making an allowance when I am shocked by someone’s opinion, that it could be semantics.

Nevertheless, I try to err on the side of caution when expressing my own thoughts or opinions and be certain that I can not be dismissed on the basis of semantics. 

Semantics  is the meaning or an interpretation of the meaning of a word. 

In the modern day English language, we seem to be reinterpreting the meaning of words.  We use them in a variety of ways, in which they were not originally intended.  In doing so, we communicate in such a way that leaves the listener questioning “did she really mean that, or is it just a poor choice of words (semantics!)”.  And 9 times out of 10 we probably dismiss it because it was just a poor choice of words.

I’m on this tangent today, because of the word ‘BELIEVE’. 

The way the word BELIEVE is used in our modern day communication has abolished the biblical meaning that what we BELIEVE would be absolute truth.

Forinstance, when asked for directions a person may respond ‘I believe it is on the corner of 5th and main’ when in reality they don’t know if it is 4th and main or 6th and main, but they are making an educated guess and saying ‘they believe’. 

Another example of this would be someone saying “I believe peanut butter cookies are better than chocolate chip cookies” Now while most of us know this to be an absolute falsehood, and would immediately shout ‘LIAR’, some poor soul might actually take this seriously and quit buying chocolate chips altogether. 

 A tragedy right?

What would really be a tragedy is if we somehow communicated to our children in our lack of awareness of ‘semantics’ that there were choices to be made or gray areas in what we really acknowledge as absolute truth.

This occured to me when a lovely JW couple came by my home and handed my youngest Fruit Loop a pamphlet on What to Believe about the Bible…

My instinct was to default to the politically correct response and explain to my Fruit Loop that the JW’s don’t BELIEVE  what we BELIEVE. 

But I caught myself, realizing that in the modern day interpretation of language, the word BELIEVE does not hold the impact that it once did, and so I responded to my Fruit Loop, that the JW’s don’t KNOW that Jesus is the Son of God, they don’t KNOW that Jesus is God. 

I don’t want my children to have any doubt in their mind that I BELIEVED something, and that there were other things to BELIEVE that were equally as viable. 

I KNOW my Faith is in the Son of God, I KNOW that there are absolute truths in the Word of God, and I don’t want to communicate to anyone, especially my children, by using language that has diminished impact that there is any question in my mind as to what I should BELIEVE.