I do a lot of crafty/artsy projects!  I need creative outlets!  And I am usually pleased with my product.  Ofcourse sometimes, it is a total flop, but other times, the project comes out even more beautiful than I anticipate. 

This is one of those times.

When I was a young girl, my Grandma made us personalized pillowcases. embroidered with floweres and our names.  I loved it!

My Grandma is 93 years old now, and it has become increasingly difficult to buy her a Christmas Gift, because she doesn’t want anything, or need anything. 

So I came up with this great idea to make her a pillowcase.  I chose a fabric that coordinates well with her room, and then a few accents, I have yet to embroider her name, but I am too excited not to share!  I think this is sucha pretty pillow case! 



I’m not bragging right?

Even God recognized and acknowledged that what He had created was Good! 

I’m certainly not God, just following His example!!!