A mental view or prospect.

The state of one’s ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship.

The faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

At first glance these definitions seem the same. 

A view,

 an idea,


But look closely. 

A view,

Your View,

An accurate view.

Picture a mountain, with a layer of fog hovering half way up.  So that a person at the bottom, can not see the top, and likewise, a person on top the mountain, can not see the bottom.

Snow at the top, dirt at the bottom.

A person from the bottom of the mountain, says ‘there is no snow on the mountain’.

A person at the peak says,’the mountain is covered with snow’.

Both are speaking from their perspective, neither one is accurate.

What I love about knowing the Lord, is that His perspective is always accurate!

He can see the whole mountain – so to speak.

He can see our whole life, from birth to death.

He can see our whole day from wake to sleep.

He can see our whole trial, from conception, to lesson learned, to resolution.

Most of the time, we are caught somewhere above or below the fog, and our perspective is skewed.

Occasionally, the Gracious Lord, lifts the fog, and we see clearly, with accurate perspective.

I was granted this perspective recently and I wish I could keep it as close to my heart as it was at the moment He showed me.

I met a person whom I related to in a frightening way. 

 Before I met the Lord, I was crippled with fear, I exhibited numerous co-dependent behaviors, and settled readily into unhealthy relationships, I drank, for entertainment, and for coping with the life I chose to lead and yet on in which I found myself unfullfilled.  I did all this before the age of 22.  Then I surrendered my life to the Lord, and He began to transform the mess inside my heart and head.

Fifteen years later, I meet this person, who started down the same path I did in my teenage years.  We are both in our thirties now. 

 I am living for the Lord,  she is living for herself. 

What I see in her, is painful to look at, and I am temtped to judge.

She is lonely, judgemental, self-centered, materialistic, unfulfilled yet unadmittedly, searching for something, finding nothing, argumentative, competitive to a fault, an addict with many vices.

And then the Lord shows me, His perspective.

“This would be you, without Me.”

From His perspective, I am humbled again, ofcourse He is right. 

It grieves me to see where my choices would have taken me. Thank the Lord, He took hold of me when He did. 

I am grateful for His work in my life, and with empathy, I can pray that she would let Him work in hers.

Lord, let me keep perspective,

not a perspective,

not my perspective,

but Yours.