I stepped onto the ranch one summer day, wearing my capri’s, closed toed shoes, and my ‘volunteer’ shirt.  Dressing to code, yet feeling way over dressed for the weather.  It was summer, it was hot, I wanted to be in board shorts, a swim suit top, and some flip flops. Even then I would have likely been too hot. 

I chatted with my favorite Monday greeter, and got my job assignment.  Clean the office. Perfect, there is an air conditioner in there.

A short walk up to the office, left my back soaked with sweat from the sun. 

After tidying up indoors, emptying trash cans, chatting with a friend, it was time to find the broom and sweep the stoop. (The stoop is how my Gram refers to the front porch, is that an east coast thing?)

I begin sweeping, and noticed something I wasn’t prepared for, something I didn’t expect to see…

Brown, Crunchy, fallen leaves. 

To my surprise, Fall had arrived, when I wasn’t even looking.

I was still basking in summer, wishing I were in the trough instead of on the stoop.

But season’s change. 

Whether we are prepared or not.

Sometimes after a long winter, we are anxiously awaiting Spring. 

When Spring arrives, and we get outdoors, we look forward to summer, water play, and prolific gardens (not mine, but yours perhaps).

After summer with the Fruit Loops, we look forward to the structure of the school year.

And once we quickly adjust to that neccessary routine, we begin planning for the ever precious Winter Break.

Do we look to the Season’s of life with the same grateful anticipation?

Do I bask in what the Lord has for me today, and look forward to the surprises He has for me tomorrow?

Today the hot sun, tomorrow the crunchy leaves under my feet…

Lord make me to appreciate the Seasons of life, to greet them with joy, and to let them pass with ease.