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True Beauty is found in what is created, not in what is manufactured.

I recently visited Crater Lake.  Magnificent.


We visited the ranger in the information center, and watched a short video about how scientiest believe Crater Lake came to be.  The story begins with ‘billions of years ago…’ and in my Creationist mind, I immediately stopped listening. 

I explained to my children that while scientist have their theories, ultimately God created this for us, to marvel at the beauty of His creation.

I have that same feeling when I sit before a waterfall…


I thank God for this awesome setting He has created, and that I can see and appreciate the true beauty of His creation.

Recently, I began a struggle with my appearance.  Turns out it is not as easy to loose weight after baby number 4, in my thirties, as it was to loose weight after three babies born when I was in my twenties.

Spring Sprung, and so did the button on my cute capris!

It caused me to take a look at vanity in my life.  How much time and energy I was spending on a daily basis, wondering what to wear to make this ‘new body’  look cute…how to fix my hair so I only had one visible chin…

Then I was reminded…

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” Prvbs 31: 30

And that’s not all…

“Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upo us; yea, the works of our hands establish thou it” Psalm 90:17

I was spending time on my ‘outer beauty’ (if you can call it that) everyday…

Was I doing so at the expense of cultivating inner beauty, the beauty God intended to display through my life?

So I streamlined the morning ‘dressing’ routine.

I took all the clothes that didn’t fit out of the closet and tucked them away.

I chose a ‘signature’ hairstyle, consisting of  long simple braid.

I realized my make up does not have to be perfectly applied, if my daughter wants her hair fixed or her doll dressed.

I am ready for the Lord’s work in minutes, spending less time agonizing over what I look like,

and more time focusing on cultivating TRUE BEAUTY.

Please note that this is not a campaign against make up, or short hair or any other vain imaginations that the enemy might be trying to plant. 

This is my simple testimony of the Lord has recently had to bring my heart back around to Him, to believing that who He created me to be is a vessel that displays is work in my life, and that is where True Beauty is seen to the Glory of God.




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I am thankful that God is trustworthy…

That in this messed up world we live in, where we face issues that 100 years ago our Grandparents never saw coming, where economic and political wars rage, not to mention wars for countries, and lives and souls…

I am thankful that we can rely on  one God, one Creator, One Loving Heavenly Father.

I am thankful that when it is uncertain what tomorrow may bring, one thing remains certain,

His Faithfulness.

Whatever trials life may bring, I can always rest my head on the Hands of the Father.

Thankful Thursday

I have long enjoyed reading what others have shared on Thankful Thursday.  Finally, I have found the time and inspiration to share.

I am thankful for the seasons. 

I am reminiscent of the summer, when our pastimes were floating down the river, long walks in the warm evenings, picnics in the park, cold  salads and fresh fruit for dinner.

I am enjoying the fall, cold mornings by the warm fire, afternnoons filled with tea and a good book, The Deer meandering across our property, stopping to pose as if only for us to enjoy them, warm stew and fresh homemade bread for dinner.

I am looking forward to winter, waking each morning anticipating a fresh fallen snow, sledding on the mountain,quilting a new flannel throw, Christmas Cookies, and NFL Playoffs!

I am also thankful for the seasons of life,

The time spent creating an image.  Finding out who I was in Christ, as a wife, and a mother, as a homeschooler, and a friend.

The time spent maintaining that image.  Living out who I thought I could be, sometimes on my own strength, sometimes leaning on His.

The realization that I had to let go of that image.  Forgetting what my own ideals were, relinquishing my plans and desires, however noble they may have seemed.

The prayer, that my image would fade, and His image would be seen in me.