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Silent Majority

Many years ago, we began a journey together on a ship called the ‘Oasis’.

The captain set the course, simple, straight forward, and we all got on board, with hundreds boarding the ship at various ports along the way. 

The beloved captain, took a fall, but the crew stood ready, to stay the course.

The first mate took the wheel, and we moved forward, together.

The crew became concerned, and came to the new captain, saying ‘I believe we are off course’.

The new captain assured them, ‘we are on course’.

But the ports we began to stop in, were not on the original course.  Some of the crew and passengers recognized the foreign ports and began to disembark, looking for new ships to get them back on course.

The new captain’s words continually assured the crew and passengers that he had not changed course.

And yet there was no denying the evidence, the ship had most certainly changed course.

Most of the crew and the majority of the passengers decided to disembark, some speaking to the captain first, some leaving quiet and confused, some feeling they had no voice at all. 

Eventually, the new captain himself recognized the change of course and set sail on his new craft, ‘the City Church’; taking a few remaining crew members and passengers; leaving the ‘Oasis’ to drift away.

Passengers and crew members of the ‘Oasis’ now scattered at various ports; as they work to get back on course, perhaps can’t help but grieve what was once a beautiful ship, setting sail on a simple course.

Over the last several months, perhaps years, so much has been said and done, but in the simplest of terms, the Silent Majority has spoken. 

“This was not the course we set sail on when we boarded the ‘Oasis'”

My Prayer for the Silent Majority

May God hear the voice of all who lost their home,

May he bring them into fellowship, especially at His throne.


May God hear the voice of those who left in tears

May He comfort their heart and quiet their fears.


May God hear the voice of those who left confused,

May he bring clarity, where His word was misused.


May God hear the voice of those who left betrayed,

May he bring restoration, To relationships frayed.


May God hear the voice of those who left offended,

May he bring confirmation, their rebuke be commended.


May God hear the voice of those who left mad,

May His righteousness remind them, anger isn’t always bad.


May God hear the voice of those who left defeated,

May He remind them, their gifts are needed.


May God hear the voice of those who left in pain,

May He mend their broken hearts, Their efforts were not in vain.


May God hear the voice of those who stayed behind,

May His promise be true for them, “Seek and you will find”


May God hear the voice of those who are misled,

May they be reminded, ‘for your sins, Jesus bled’.


May God quiet the voice, of those who’s words deceive

May He bring to mind the simple truth ‘in whom did you first believe’.


May God’s voice be heard, may truth resound,

May He comfort His people, to His heart may they be bound.


We made a trip over the mountains this past weekend.  I love the scenic drive. 

I love to see the rolling hills, the mountains, the rocks, and to think that God hand placed them all! 

One of the things I enjoy the most is the spontaneously occuring waterfalls, that seem to appear from no source at all and cascade down the rocks on the side of the road. 

When we were traveling to the valley, the water was splashing all down the rocks and onto the shoulder of the road.

When we were traveling back from the valley, the temperatures were quite low, and the waterfalls had frozen into beautiful icicles gleaming in the sun on the rocks.

I saw a turnout, and my husband pulled over so that I could take pictures. 





I love that the Lord uses nature to bless, to inspire and to teach.

These waterfalls are fascinating when the water is flowing.  Much like we can be when the Spirit of God is flowing through us.

The water is equally as intriguing when it is frozen still.  Much like we can be when we find ourselves feeling paralyzed by a trial, or an illness. 

Wether we are freely trickling over the rocks, or frozen by our circumstances, we can still be a witness to the Glory of God.

Go Public

Do Not Settle for
Practicing behavior
In public
That you desire to exhibit
At home.

Practice in private
Behavior you wish to exhibit
In Public.



A mental view or prospect.

The state of one’s ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship.

The faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship.

At first glance these definitions seem the same. 

A view,

 an idea,


But look closely. 

A view,

Your View,

An accurate view.

Picture a mountain, with a layer of fog hovering half way up.  So that a person at the bottom, can not see the top, and likewise, a person on top the mountain, can not see the bottom.

Snow at the top, dirt at the bottom.

A person from the bottom of the mountain, says ‘there is no snow on the mountain’.

A person at the peak says,’the mountain is covered with snow’.

Both are speaking from their perspective, neither one is accurate.

What I love about knowing the Lord, is that His perspective is always accurate!

He can see the whole mountain – so to speak.

He can see our whole life, from birth to death.

He can see our whole day from wake to sleep.

He can see our whole trial, from conception, to lesson learned, to resolution.

Most of the time, we are caught somewhere above or below the fog, and our perspective is skewed.

Occasionally, the Gracious Lord, lifts the fog, and we see clearly, with accurate perspective.

I was granted this perspective recently and I wish I could keep it as close to my heart as it was at the moment He showed me.

I met a person whom I related to in a frightening way. 

 Before I met the Lord, I was crippled with fear, I exhibited numerous co-dependent behaviors, and settled readily into unhealthy relationships, I drank, for entertainment, and for coping with the life I chose to lead and yet on in which I found myself unfullfilled.  I did all this before the age of 22.  Then I surrendered my life to the Lord, and He began to transform the mess inside my heart and head.

Fifteen years later, I meet this person, who started down the same path I did in my teenage years.  We are both in our thirties now. 

 I am living for the Lord,  she is living for herself. 

What I see in her, is painful to look at, and I am temtped to judge.

She is lonely, judgemental, self-centered, materialistic, unfulfilled yet unadmittedly, searching for something, finding nothing, argumentative, competitive to a fault, an addict with many vices.

And then the Lord shows me, His perspective.

“This would be you, without Me.”

From His perspective, I am humbled again, ofcourse He is right. 

It grieves me to see where my choices would have taken me. Thank the Lord, He took hold of me when He did. 

I am grateful for His work in my life, and with empathy, I can pray that she would let Him work in hers.

Lord, let me keep perspective,

not a perspective,

not my perspective,

but Yours.

Black Friday: No Waiting

I used to work in the airline industry and Black Wednesday is all about waiting. 

Black Friday is all about waiting too!  You go shopping to these great DoorBuster sales, it takes you five minutes to find what you wanted or find out that they are already out of what you wanted because they put it in the sale ad to get in you in the store but they only had 3 on the shelf and there were 300 people in line ahead of you (you know it was exactly 300 because the first 300 people got a $25 gift card and when you watched the lady in front of you smile as she was handed her gift card, you thought to yourself ‘cool, $25 extra’ until you realized that the store employee who was handing out those cards to the first 300 people had walked away, and he isn’t coming back with more cards, the cards are gone!) 

After those fast and furious five minutes of hunting down your coveted item or items, the pass slows to a crawl when you see the length of the line.

This scenario started for me yesterday, at around 8:45am (not exactly the first 300 in early hour, but I wasn’t after any doorbuster deals)  I was casually looking through the ads, when I a few things caught my eye, and I realized they were priced for the 6 hour sale. 

My Dear Husband and all the kids were still tucked in bed, I had until 11am to get these items at a great price, so I through on my jeans, got some coffee to go, and hopped in the car for my 10-12 mile drive to the store of choice (I tell you the distance so that you know it took me about 20 minutes or so to arrive at the store, then I had to find parking, this time lapse becomes significant later in the story)

I entered to the store to find that it was so packed,  there were no carts left.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught the checkout line, it was right in front of me, where I entered at the far side of the store. The line was weaving up and down through 10 isles!  It was madness! I hadn’t seen lines like that since Tickle Me Elmo was the doorbuster item at Toys R Us. 

Nevertheless, a deal is a deal, I went to the parking lot, 3 stores down, found myself a cart and headed for the toy section.  I found my item, one left,  took a close look, and uuhhhgggg… this the is not the one on the list!  A quick look back at the sale ad, and I if I had looked closely at home, I would have known the one on sale was not THE ONE! 

I thought to myself “they win, I’m in the store, the sale price item is not what I want, but I might as well look around”

I found a replacement item, more perfect than I could ask for,  picked up a few other things and with only four things in my cart, (my cart that some poor soul who is juggling 23 things in two arms plus a purse and a coat is coveting) I head to the line. 

Now let me just give you a road map of the store.  The toy section is center back of the store. Standing in the toys, just to the left is the shoe section.  From there you go through the Athletic Shoe Dept (quite extensive) then the boys section, the mens section, and then finally the front of the store, with cards, and seasonal items.  The cards and seasonal items are the isles I saw the line weaving through.

Now back to the point…

I start navigating my way to the front corner of the store where I think the line is, and I am about half way there when I hear an announcement “Shoppers ready to get in line, please look for the balloon bouqet for the entrance, now in the shoe department”

‘Are you kidding me?’

Nope, the line is all the way at the back of the store.  This line is worse than when Tickle Me Elmo was the hot ticket item!!!!

I finally arrive at the entrance to the line, with an empty cup of coffee, and I am looking at my four items wondering, ‘are they worth it?’

I ask the balloon lady the dumbest question ever “If none of these items are the 6 hour sale items, will Customer Service hold them for me, and I’ll come back tonight?”

Anyone want to guess the answer “We can’t do that ma’am. Unless the girls at the desk have been told something different”

Now I am usually not a foolish person, but I determined in that moment that there was nothing wrong with asking this dumb question twice, so I headed up to Customer Service and uttered these embarrassing words again

“By any chance can you put this on hold for me, and I’ll come back tonight, none of it is the 6 hour sale price?”

Survey says…

“No Ma’am, we can’t hold anything, I’m Sorry”

I responded politely “I understand, I just have to determine if these things are worth standing in that line for hours”

To my surprise, the angel behind the counter offered another alternative, “do you just need to pay for your items, I can check you out right here”

My conscience got the best of me and I uttered uncontrollably “What about all those people in…”

When I heard myself, I stopped immediately, and said “That would be great!”

With my four items bagged, and a huge grin, I offered my cart to the poor soul walking in the door, giggled at the people in line, headed to the car, and was home within an hour.