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Coffee and Miracles

I have previously confessed that I am an Addict.

It isn’t easy being an addict, when you have friends in recovery who feel strongly about whatever step they are on. 

Some truly need to give up caffiene because of adverse reactions.  They need to repent of their sins committed while under the influence of caffiene and turn 180 degrees from their addiction.

Others simply need to monitor their intake.  Perhaps a one cup limit, so that they feel they are maintaining the upper hand on their addiction.  You control the caffiene, don’t let the caffiene control you.

Still others may have medical reasons why caffiene is not healthy or safe, such as pregnancy. A doctor may limit you to one cup a day, or tea instead of coffee.

The possiblities are endless why one would choose to give up caffiene, especially coffee.

But when an addict, such as myself, finds herself in the midst of a discussion on the how’s and why’s of giving up caffiene, she would just as soon be watching the grass grow to avoid the conversation.

When I am fully engulfed in my addiction, the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of recovering addicts talking about the freedom they have found.

And then after hearing the testimonies of recovery shared, I walk away asking myself,

“Do I have a problem?”

“Lord are you trying to tell me something here?”

There is no real conviction in my heart about quiting, cut repeated exposure to those who have a conviction can certainly get my mind in overdrive.

Is there a reason for me to quit drinking coffee?”

In my case this question is typically answered with a resounding “NO” and I head into the kitchen to brew my next pot!!!!

Until yesterday!

I was heading to my room,with Tiny Dancer, to make the bed, put away the laundry, etc. etc. and my dear Whistler, poured me a nice fresh cup of coffee and delivered it to my bedside table.

I was hanging up laundry when the idea came to mind, Tiny Dancer can reach that table now, I better move that hot coffee.

Simaltaneously with my thought, she was reaching for the cup.  And as I headed toward her, I saw a full mug of fresh hot coffee fall on her forehead, splashing in her eyes and cascading down her face, torso and right leg.

I ripped off her PJ’s and rushed to the bathroom, soaking  towel with cold water, I began washing her face.

Then it occured to me that I didn’t know if I shoud be wetting a burn.

I called my Pediatrician, and was instructed to hang up immediately and put her in a cold bath to stop the burning of her skin.  Then to call back for further instruction.

I hopped in the tub, with my crying baby and began drenching her in cold water.

After several minutes I wrapped her lightly in a rob, and layed her on my bed to assess the condition of her skin and call the doctor’s offic back.

I was able to describe to the nurse what looked like a severe sunburn, with no blisters, and no open wounds. She said if I were to bring Tiny Dancer in, it would primarily be for my reassurance, and that was up to me.

I asked if it would be prudent to wait and see if anything changed that would prompt me needing that reassurance.  She then asked more questions, assessing the amount of her body that had been burned (which exceeded 10 percent) and asked about her demeanor.

I confidently replied “She seems fine, she is laying on the bed, cuddling her teddy bear”

She said “Hold one moment please”

She returned quickly and began “Now don’t get upset, but I want you to go directly to the ER.”

I gasped “What, we went from seeing my only to reassure me, to let’s get to the ER”

“Yes, we are concerned because she is not in pain, and a surface burn would be stinging and causing more discomfort than she seems to be experiencing.  Now don’t panic, but don’t shower, and don’t get dressed, just get some cold compresses to keep on her in the car, and head directly to the hospital”

She said don’t panic, isn’t that cute?

So I called my husband, Pray and meet me there.  A friend called and as I was walking to the car I shared coffee, body, ER.  She subsequently called two more friends to pray, while my husband was calling a friend of his to pray.

By the time we got to the ER, rougly 25 minutes, my Dear Tiny Dancer had not a mark on her!

I am believing that the Lord miraculously healed that burn!  Praise be to God! 

I believe in miracles, and I saw my dear daughter before getting into the car, and she was burned.  And I saw her at the hospital with no evidence what so ever that she poured hot coffee down her body.

I don’t know if the hospital staff belives in miracles, and if they don’t they probably started a file on me in the psych ward. 

God is good, Tiny Dancer is fine, and if ever there is a reason for me to quit drinking coffee, and join a recovery group, this was it! 

(But I don’t want to rush into any decisions under emotional diress)


I’m an addict

I am an addict, and my drug of choice is caffiene. 

 Now you may say to yourself  ‘that isn’t a drug’.  But I woud ask you to evaluate recent scientific studies (if there are any) and then reconsider.

Caffiene is perhaps one of the most highly addictive substances, it is most likely the cheapest drug, it is readily available in many forms and you can purchase this drug almost anywhere, at any time, at any age.

 Caffiene is perhaps found in its most pure and potenent form  in coffee. Although many substances are full of it, forinstance, sodas (or pop, depending on what side of the country you are from), tea, and don’t forget energy drinks(a quick fix, but a limited high, and rather on the pricey side).

After a recent bout with the nine month stomach flu, during which  I was freed from my addiction because I was unable to embibe without serious side effects (of which I am too kind to describe in any detail); I considered maintaining my ‘on the wagon’ status.

 And so began my search for Caffaholics Anonymus.  One cannot be expected to abstain from such a serious addiction without support. 

I searched day and night, near and far. I readily found sects of NA, CA, ofcourse AA.  And please know that I have a great respect for these programs, many many people in my social circle (perhpas even my bloodline) have benefited or could benefit greatly from such programs.

But to my dismay, there is not a single group that meets with the intention of supporting one another as we attempt to abstain from this life changing, personality afflicting, physically stimulating, mind altering, energy increasing (we hope) drug.

So knowing full well,  I would be unable to endure alone,  and not wanting to fail, I resolved to remain an addict, stopped for a cup of coffee and called it a day!