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Silent Majority

Many years ago, we began a journey together on a ship called the ‘Oasis’.

The captain set the course, simple, straight forward, and we all got on board, with hundreds boarding the ship at various ports along the way. 

The beloved captain, took a fall, but the crew stood ready, to stay the course.

The first mate took the wheel, and we moved forward, together.

The crew became concerned, and came to the new captain, saying ‘I believe we are off course’.

The new captain assured them, ‘we are on course’.

But the ports we began to stop in, were not on the original course.  Some of the crew and passengers recognized the foreign ports and began to disembark, looking for new ships to get them back on course.

The new captain’s words continually assured the crew and passengers that he had not changed course.

And yet there was no denying the evidence, the ship had most certainly changed course.

Most of the crew and the majority of the passengers decided to disembark, some speaking to the captain first, some leaving quiet and confused, some feeling they had no voice at all. 

Eventually, the new captain himself recognized the change of course and set sail on his new craft, ‘the City Church’; taking a few remaining crew members and passengers; leaving the ‘Oasis’ to drift away.

Passengers and crew members of the ‘Oasis’ now scattered at various ports; as they work to get back on course, perhaps can’t help but grieve what was once a beautiful ship, setting sail on a simple course.

Over the last several months, perhaps years, so much has been said and done, but in the simplest of terms, the Silent Majority has spoken. 

“This was not the course we set sail on when we boarded the ‘Oasis'”

My Prayer for the Silent Majority

May God hear the voice of all who lost their home,

May he bring them into fellowship, especially at His throne.


May God hear the voice of those who left in tears

May He comfort their heart and quiet their fears.


May God hear the voice of those who left confused,

May he bring clarity, where His word was misused.


May God hear the voice of those who left betrayed,

May he bring restoration, To relationships frayed.


May God hear the voice of those who left offended,

May he bring confirmation, their rebuke be commended.


May God hear the voice of those who left mad,

May His righteousness remind them, anger isn’t always bad.


May God hear the voice of those who left defeated,

May He remind them, their gifts are needed.


May God hear the voice of those who left in pain,

May He mend their broken hearts, Their efforts were not in vain.


May God hear the voice of those who stayed behind,

May His promise be true for them, “Seek and you will find”


May God hear the voice of those who are misled,

May they be reminded, ‘for your sins, Jesus bled’.


May God quiet the voice, of those who’s words deceive

May He bring to mind the simple truth ‘in whom did you first believe’.


May God’s voice be heard, may truth resound,

May He comfort His people, to His heart may they be bound.


We made a trip over the mountains this past weekend.  I love the scenic drive. 

I love to see the rolling hills, the mountains, the rocks, and to think that God hand placed them all! 

One of the things I enjoy the most is the spontaneously occuring waterfalls, that seem to appear from no source at all and cascade down the rocks on the side of the road. 

When we were traveling to the valley, the water was splashing all down the rocks and onto the shoulder of the road.

When we were traveling back from the valley, the temperatures were quite low, and the waterfalls had frozen into beautiful icicles gleaming in the sun on the rocks.

I saw a turnout, and my husband pulled over so that I could take pictures. 





I love that the Lord uses nature to bless, to inspire and to teach.

These waterfalls are fascinating when the water is flowing.  Much like we can be when the Spirit of God is flowing through us.

The water is equally as intriguing when it is frozen still.  Much like we can be when we find ourselves feeling paralyzed by a trial, or an illness. 

Wether we are freely trickling over the rocks, or frozen by our circumstances, we can still be a witness to the Glory of God.

Go Public

Do Not Settle for
Practicing behavior
In public
That you desire to exhibit
At home.

Practice in private
Behavior you wish to exhibit
In Public.

I am thankful that God is trustworthy…

That in this messed up world we live in, where we face issues that 100 years ago our Grandparents never saw coming, where economic and political wars rage, not to mention wars for countries, and lives and souls…

I am thankful that we can rely on  one God, one Creator, One Loving Heavenly Father.

I am thankful that when it is uncertain what tomorrow may bring, one thing remains certain,

His Faithfulness.

Whatever trials life may bring, I can always rest my head on the Hands of the Father.


Being very wordy, and very black and white, I can get caught in a web of misunderstanding someone’s point because of semantics. 

Being as wise as I am (haha) I know that I default to this place where people should say what they mean and mean what they say, and so I try to practice making an allowance when I am shocked by someone’s opinion, that it could be semantics.

Nevertheless, I try to err on the side of caution when expressing my own thoughts or opinions and be certain that I can not be dismissed on the basis of semantics. 

Semantics  is the meaning or an interpretation of the meaning of a word. 

In the modern day English language, we seem to be reinterpreting the meaning of words.  We use them in a variety of ways, in which they were not originally intended.  In doing so, we communicate in such a way that leaves the listener questioning “did she really mean that, or is it just a poor choice of words (semantics!)”.  And 9 times out of 10 we probably dismiss it because it was just a poor choice of words.

I’m on this tangent today, because of the word ‘BELIEVE’. 

The way the word BELIEVE is used in our modern day communication has abolished the biblical meaning that what we BELIEVE would be absolute truth.

Forinstance, when asked for directions a person may respond ‘I believe it is on the corner of 5th and main’ when in reality they don’t know if it is 4th and main or 6th and main, but they are making an educated guess and saying ‘they believe’. 

Another example of this would be someone saying “I believe peanut butter cookies are better than chocolate chip cookies” Now while most of us know this to be an absolute falsehood, and would immediately shout ‘LIAR’, some poor soul might actually take this seriously and quit buying chocolate chips altogether. 

 A tragedy right?

What would really be a tragedy is if we somehow communicated to our children in our lack of awareness of ‘semantics’ that there were choices to be made or gray areas in what we really acknowledge as absolute truth.

This occured to me when a lovely JW couple came by my home and handed my youngest Fruit Loop a pamphlet on What to Believe about the Bible…

My instinct was to default to the politically correct response and explain to my Fruit Loop that the JW’s don’t BELIEVE  what we BELIEVE. 

But I caught myself, realizing that in the modern day interpretation of language, the word BELIEVE does not hold the impact that it once did, and so I responded to my Fruit Loop, that the JW’s don’t KNOW that Jesus is the Son of God, they don’t KNOW that Jesus is God. 

I don’t want my children to have any doubt in their mind that I BELIEVED something, and that there were other things to BELIEVE that were equally as viable. 

I KNOW my Faith is in the Son of God, I KNOW that there are absolute truths in the Word of God, and I don’t want to communicate to anyone, especially my children, by using language that has diminished impact that there is any question in my mind as to what I should BELIEVE.