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Silent Majority

Many years ago, we began a journey together on a ship called the ‘Oasis’.

The captain set the course, simple, straight forward, and we all got on board, with hundreds boarding the ship at various ports along the way. 

The beloved captain, took a fall, but the crew stood ready, to stay the course.

The first mate took the wheel, and we moved forward, together.

The crew became concerned, and came to the new captain, saying ‘I believe we are off course’.

The new captain assured them, ‘we are on course’.

But the ports we began to stop in, were not on the original course.  Some of the crew and passengers recognized the foreign ports and began to disembark, looking for new ships to get them back on course.

The new captain’s words continually assured the crew and passengers that he had not changed course.

And yet there was no denying the evidence, the ship had most certainly changed course.

Most of the crew and the majority of the passengers decided to disembark, some speaking to the captain first, some leaving quiet and confused, some feeling they had no voice at all. 

Eventually, the new captain himself recognized the change of course and set sail on his new craft, ‘the City Church’; taking a few remaining crew members and passengers; leaving the ‘Oasis’ to drift away.

Passengers and crew members of the ‘Oasis’ now scattered at various ports; as they work to get back on course, perhaps can’t help but grieve what was once a beautiful ship, setting sail on a simple course.

Over the last several months, perhaps years, so much has been said and done, but in the simplest of terms, the Silent Majority has spoken. 

“This was not the course we set sail on when we boarded the ‘Oasis'”

My Prayer for the Silent Majority

May God hear the voice of all who lost their home,

May he bring them into fellowship, especially at His throne.


May God hear the voice of those who left in tears

May He comfort their heart and quiet their fears.


May God hear the voice of those who left confused,

May he bring clarity, where His word was misused.


May God hear the voice of those who left betrayed,

May he bring restoration, To relationships frayed.


May God hear the voice of those who left offended,

May he bring confirmation, their rebuke be commended.


May God hear the voice of those who left mad,

May His righteousness remind them, anger isn’t always bad.


May God hear the voice of those who left defeated,

May He remind them, their gifts are needed.


May God hear the voice of those who left in pain,

May He mend their broken hearts, Their efforts were not in vain.


May God hear the voice of those who stayed behind,

May His promise be true for them, “Seek and you will find”


May God hear the voice of those who are misled,

May they be reminded, ‘for your sins, Jesus bled’.


May God quiet the voice, of those who’s words deceive

May He bring to mind the simple truth ‘in whom did you first believe’.


May God’s voice be heard, may truth resound,

May He comfort His people, to His heart may they be bound.


Forgive us our tresspasses, as we forgive those who tresspass against us.

It’s in the Lord’s Prayer.  We have all heard it, read it, prayed it. And yet what does it mean?

Does it mean, forgive us at the same time that we forgive others?

Does it mean forgive us the same way we forgive others?

Does it mean forgive us if  we forgive others? (Boy are we screwed if we don’t forgive others huh?)

Anyway you look at it, the pressure is on.  We are asking God to do something ‘as’ we do it.  And yet we know we are called to forgive as He forgives.

Who are we to forgive?

Those who hurt us, the Lord forgives us and we certainly hurt Him. (if I’m not mistaken our sins killed Him)

When are we to forgive?

 When we are asked, and even if we’re not asked.  God forgives us for the sin we know we commit and confess, and He forgives us for the sin we don’t even recognize yet.


 Because unforgiveness will eat you up from the inside out, and because He tells us to do it!

What are we to forgive?

I think the only unforgivable sin is blapheme against the Holy Spirit? (right? and what is that exactly? Anyone want to take a stab at it?) 

How are we to forgive? 

 God forgives because Jesus stepped in on our behalf, so how are we suppose to do it?  I think we are suppose to stop trying to make the person pay for their sin.  Jesus paid for it already, mine yours, and the one who has hurt you so many times you think 70 times 7 passed about 1000 times ago!

Forgiveness doesn’t mean we have to put ourselves in a position to be hurt by that person 1000 more times, it just means, we won’t seek vengeance against them, we will leave that to the wrath of God, and maybe that we will pray they repent,and confess, and turn from their evil ways before that wrath of God becomes their eternity. 

I’m glad someone, somewhere, prayed me into forgiveness.