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Pretty, Pretty,Pretty

I do a lot of crafty/artsy projects!  I need creative outlets!  And I am usually pleased with my product.  Ofcourse sometimes, it is a total flop, but other times, the project comes out even more beautiful than I anticipate. 

This is one of those times.

When I was a young girl, my Grandma made us personalized pillowcases. embroidered with floweres and our names.  I loved it!

My Grandma is 93 years old now, and it has become increasingly difficult to buy her a Christmas Gift, because she doesn’t want anything, or need anything. 

So I came up with this great idea to make her a pillowcase.  I chose a fabric that coordinates well with her room, and then a few accents, I have yet to embroider her name, but I am too excited not to share!  I think this is sucha pretty pillow case! 



I’m not bragging right?

Even God recognized and acknowledged that what He had created was Good! 

I’m certainly not God, just following His example!!!


Quilters Block

I am a writer.  Over the years I have had my boughts with Writers Block. 

If you are a writer or you know a writer you are probably familiar with this ailment.  It occurs when the brain of the writer hits a figurative BLOCK and is unable to formulate or compile words in a manner that articulate what the writer is desiring to communicate to the reader. 

I am a quilter.  And I have discovered an ailment I like to call Quiliters Block. 

If you are a quilter, you may have experienced the symptoms of this ailment, and not known what to call it.  Now you will know. 

Quilters Block occurs, when the mind of the quilter is so focused on

shopping for fabric,

buying fabric,

cutting fabric,

sewing quilt blocks,

laying out quilt blocks,

 looking for the next quilt pattern,

 choosing the right fabric for the next quilt,

trying the next technique on the quilting list,

or even finishing a quilt,

that the quilter is unable to focus on anything other than the next Quilt Block.

Quilters Block can have dangerous side effects such as:

an untidy house,

untidy kids,

unruly dogs,

unbrushed cats,

hungry husbands,

mountains of laundry,

unreturned phone messages,

overfilled e-mail boxes,

piles of unopened mail,

(The list goes on, but some are too grewsome to note)

However, some quilters will and do deem these side effects tolerable.

I, on the other hand, attempt to be ultra organized, so that I can rush through the tasks of the day, attempting to appear like I am maintaining a balanced life, quilting only when I “have time”.  When the reality is, that all that is on my mind is how to get through this ‘stuff’ I am responsible for, so that I can get back to quilting!

It seems prudent to note that I do not neglect the needs of my Fruit Loops to quilt, there are many other respnsibilities I can neglect to make time for quilting, that don’t interfere with my God Given Purpose to Mother my children.  

So now that the children’s needs are met, the baby is napping peacefully, the quilt blocks for the day are done, I am here to show you photographic evidence that Quilter’s Block does in fact produce something:

Symptoms of my bought with Quilters Block first appeared when a dear friend and I decided to quilt together this winter,  We carefully selected a pattern and jumped in!  She started off a bit quicker than I did, and I had Quilter’s Envy, so I worked hard to catch up.  I have finished 17 out of 20 squares that I need for this project.  Too many to show, so here are a few of my favorites:




While I was starting this project, my fabric compilation juices were flowing, and I was anxious to try the Log Cabin pattern. So rather than use scraps that didn’t seem to go together just perfectly, I purchased a delightful array of pinks and greens and put this together:



In my search for comraderie, I began hunting for Quilting Bloggers.  And boy did I find them, oh yes, tons of them, they quilt, and they share pictures, and some even offer fabulous tutorials for squares like the two below.  The first one was my first attempt, I believe I got better by my second try…



I have to go now, there are sew many more quilt squares to make!

Grandma’s Flower Garden

When I was a young girl, my Grandma made me a quilt by hand.  I was in awe that she would spend the time and put forth the effort to create an entire queen sized masterpiece for me!  I still have it, tucked away in a safe place, because it needs repairs!  I hold it so dear, I don’t even have it out to enjoy (shame on me)

At the May Farm  old quilts, with or without repairs are displayed and used and it is so charming! 

One in particular is Grandma’s Flower Garden! 

Mrs. May taught us this beautiful pattern, and it can be done using scrap fabric!

i was so delighted!  I came home and started immediately.  Carefully selecting coordinating and complimentary scraps to create my first flower…

It took a couple weeks, of finding spare time and grabbing my needle and thread to get this one done, but I am so pleased with the outcome!

So excited in fact, that I grabbed my bucket of scraps and went from this overstuffed, unorganized, bucket of things i felt too quilty to throw away

To this basket of beautiful quilt pieces just waiting to be assembled…

In just one evening of handing out scissors to the Fruit Loops, and cutting away!

(Thank goodness the next day was vacuuming day!)

For fun we pulled out some pieces and began creating ‘flowers’ we want to stitch together…

I can’t wait to get stitchin!!!!

I could easily neglect all of my resonsibilities to sit and stitch,

but I doubt My Dear Mrs. May would approve of that.

So, I shall scurry through the days tasks, hoping to find time (and energy) when all is done, to assemble another flower!


 A young woman I used to babysit for, and when I say used to I mean 20+ years ago,

just had her first and probably only babies, and when I say just had, I mean 3 months ago.

That is how long I have been working on making her a gift, because I love to send someone a homemade gift.  But this morning, I finished, and now I am praying that these dear preemies are still petite enough to fit into these outfits!

Aren’t they cute?

I was originally making the pink one for my Tiny Dancer, but when you have  newborn, you don’t have time to make newborn clothes. So I was quite happy to have a baby to make it for, and even more happy when I found the exact same fabric in blue!

Off to the post office I go!